Monday, January 28, 2008

Bunny Speed Dating

I took the bold step of trying a 1-minute speed date between the bunnies. Generally a car or the bathtub are good location choices for bunny dates to reduce the chance of fighting, because they'll be a bit freaked out and they can't get good traction to fly at each other's throats. So I filled the bathtub with bunny treats, put on my oven mitts for protection, and readied the broom and towels for fight intervention.

Spuckler was not happy and ended up attacking Savvy about 3 times. Impressive for a one-minute time frame. Savvy decided his best strategy was to take the beating while cramming in as much banana as possible before being killed. There were no actual injuries, but as per usual, Savvy lost a hunk of fur. Poor bunny.

Savvy also now thinks the bathtub is a magical treat repository. He keeps exploring the bathroom and craning to see what's in the bathtub, but he's not quite tall enough to see over.

On an unrelated note - why does my hand look like it belongs to a ninety-year-old? I had one hand modeling job with TrackItBack and then it all went downhill. Has anyone seen their ID stickers sold in London Drugs or Walmart, and more importantly, can you recognize my hands on the packaging? I used to be famous. Sigh. I'll have to tell Kevin that I can't do any more housework or manual labour. It ages my cuticles.


Genie said...

Lynnie, when you say "Savvy decided his best strategy was to take the beating while cramming in as much banana", that means a whole other issue that will require a bunny psychologist.

and just so you know, I had to sign up for yet another thing so I could post a comment.


Lynn Gayowski said...

You have a sick, sick mind. Thank God you're using your evil powers AGAINST the sex offenders, otherwise we'd all be in trouble.

Who doesn't love a banana once in a while?

Nick Edgar said...

Do bunnies do any other kind of dating besides speed dating? I've never heard of bunnies having a long and leisurely dinner date, sipping a nice bottle of Chianti, sharing their history and secret hopes, before heading back to the cage...

Lynn Gayowski said...

It's more a dinner date followed by a humping contest to see who will dominate. Then sharing of secret hopes.

Sound familiar Genie?

Anonymous said...

Oh Lynn. I only read your response today and I hope that you are only asking me if it sounds familiar because I only recently learned what "fudge packer" means. I used to call everyone a little fudge packer until someone pointed out that it is not a nice term. Only I can't stop saying it so now when I do, I talk in a baby voice and pinch their cheeks as hard as I can. If you are not familiar with the term, remind me next time I see you. The definition requires hand actions. perhaps you can steal these actions in your bid to become a hand model again.