Monday, January 28, 2008

Genie's Visit to Ottawa

Genie came to Ottawa for RCMP training this week. I should mention it was on sex offender stuff so my blog contains the word sex and hits go up. We met up at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner Friday night and then we had some girly cocktails at Fat Tuesday's. It was pretty cold, although not remotely comparable to Winnipeg, so we didn't really tour around the Market.

I kept pushing to go to the Drink, because they were having a girls night with male underwear models, but Genie's co-worker Gord didn't seem that excited at the prospect of tagging along with us.

Sunday, I picked Genie up from her cousin's and she came over to see my house. I made French toast a la Jamie Oliver, but it pretty much just tasted like regular French toast. Then we sat around and talked about boys. At the stroke of noon we had some wine spritzer cocktails. (For appearance's sake, I waited a few hours later than usual to start my Sunday drinking.) Genie also scared me with numerous sex offender stories. She taught me to watch out for men that smell like musty bus shack. Good advice.

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