Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year's!

My resolution #1 is to send more updates to all the girls, so I'm kicking off the Lynngo blog. I hope to fill it with many embarrassing photos and stories for your amusement. Plus I can cull it for content when I retire and decide to publish my memoirs.

New Years Eve was semi-quiet. We had 3 people over for dinner - Felipe from Kevin's work, his wife Hanita, and Matt, who used to curl with Kevin in Montreal.
We cooked some dinner and the drinking was pretty tame so I thankfully had no hangover to start 2008. Matt's wife Cindy had to work, but she managed to get to our place at 11:45, in time for a drink during the countdown.

It was a good opportunity to force people to play board games with us so we had 3 rounds of Killer Bunnies and 1 game of Cranium.

Despite the lack of hangover I stayed in pajamas all day today. What better way to celebrate?

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