Sunday, January 20, 2008

Musical Psychic Powers

Kevin was in a curling bonspiel this week, so I went with him to the curling club party on Saturday night. It was mostly senior citizens rocking out to bad wedding reception-esque music. At one point, I declared that the d.j. would for sure play Mony Mony next. Everyone doubted my choice, but my psychic powers proved them wrong. I also managed to correctly predict when the Grease medley would be played and Miami Sound Machine's Conga. (Come one, what else would follow Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot? Child's play.) I partially attribute my prediction powers to vast experience attending both weddings AND wedding socials. The double whammy. That's an advantage most Ontario-ans don't have.

It should be noted though, that I predicted I Like Big Butts quite a few times, and that one never happened. So I'm still not ready to invest my life savings in lottery tickets just yet.

The productive part of the evening was that Kevin's 2 teammates play ultimate frisbee and encouraged me to sign up for some clinics. The one I want to go to doesn't start until April, but I may give the sport another try this summer.

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