Monday, January 7, 2008

Spuckler the Bunny

I'm a monthly donor to Rabbit Rescue, a charity that rescues "last chance" rabbits that have run out of time at shelters in Ontario. I, of course, stalk their adoptable animals page and couldn't resist any longer. Damn those sad bunny eyes!

So the latest addition to my herd is Spuckler. She's light brown with a white stomach and tail. She's an adult, but I don't know how old she is exactly. She's also my first bunny with ears that stick up. Why Spuckler? My last female rabbit was named after Brandine, one of the hillbilly characters from The Simpsons. Brandine's last name is Spuckler, so it's sort of a Brandine II thing.

We just got her yesterday afternoon, so she's still a bit freaked out. We're told that she'll pull on your pants leg if she wants attention and if you're not quick enough with the food she'll box at your hand. The lady we picked her up up from gave us some of her toys - a stuffed bear, a ball-shaped rattle and a plastic key. Based on yesterday's experience, it seems that she likes to hump the bear and kick the rattle around at 2:00 in the morning. I'm intrigued to find out what the key is for.

Savvy knows something is up but hasn't really figured it out because we have her in a cage on a high table when he's in the room. It will probably be about 3 weeks before we actually let them meet each other, so stay tuned for many tales of butt fur ripping and territory marking.

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