Saturday, February 16, 2008

Beer and Ice

Kevin's cousin Jeff came to visit for the weekend with his girlfriend Michelle. They got in a bit late on Saturday so we had a few cocktails at our place, then went out to do some Winterlude (for Winnipeggers, this is like a non-French Festival du Voyageur) activities before dinner. I had looked up stuff that was going on and thought the Casino du Lac-Leamy Crystal Garden of ice sculptures would be cool. The only problem was, the Crystal Garden wasn't at the Casino. After losing $5 on the slot machines, the guy at the casino's info booth sent us to Dow's Lake. The only problem was, the Crystal Garden wasn't at Dow's Lake. They did have one sculpture of a canoe though.

We decided to give up and headed to the Italian district for dinner at Pub Italia. It's a neat little pub decorated like a medieval monastery, and they have a "Beer Bible" listing the over 200 beers. Especially awesome, considering Michelle and I don't drink beer. The waitress overheard us talking about our lack of love for beer and she suggested trying a sample of Strawberry Fruli. Our waiter brought us all samples and it was suprisingly good! Still not a girly cocktail, but fruity enough that it didn't taste much like beer and no bitter aftertaste.

After we got home I checked to see where I went wrong on the Crystal Garden, and it was only sponsored by the Casino, but it's in a park downtown. Apparently the casino staff were also not informed of the secret location. We're going to try again tomorrow.

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