Sunday, February 17, 2008

Winterlude 2008

Today, Kevin and I took his cousin Jeff and his girlfriend Michelle downtown to go skating on the Rideau Canal, formerly the longest skating rink in the world (yay and boo Winnipeg). We made it 3.4 kms before turning around, and picked up free chocolate milk, mini boxes of Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, hot chocolate, American Express lip balm and a tacky, plastic, lighted necklace along the way. We also tried maple taffy poured on snow and of course, a Beaver Tail. We also met several mascots that I've never heard of and there some people dressed up in old-timey costumes shooting at people. Freezing rain started falling on the skate back so after changing to shoes, we stopped in at 2 stores and then headed home.
We spent the afternoon with board games and drinks (cocktails for the girls, beers for the boys). We played Killer Bunnies and Carcassone, taking advantage of the fact that Michelle is a one-drink drunk.

We were going to try to see the ice sculptures again, but the weather sucked. Our street was pure ice and rain was still coming down. We skipped it and went for dinner at MHK Sushi. We rented a few movies and watched Even Money, which was not that great. Despite having Danny DeVito and Forest Whitaker in it.

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