Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Yay Valentine's Day! Kevin and I went to my favourite Ottawa restaurant, the Urban Pear. Their crème brûlée is in my top 3, but it wasn't on the menu last night, so I got to try a new dessert. We also exchanged gifts. I got my standard case of Cadbury creme eggs (48 eggs). I may cut back from 100 to 50 this year, in the interest of being more health-conscious. I wanted to get Kevin a $7 gift certificate to Old Navy, but they only came in round dollar amounts, so I got him a Jamie Oliver cookbook and a sciencey book from his Amazon wish list.

For those that don't know the Old Navy reference:
Last year, we set a $25 gift limit for Valentine's day. I found Kevin a sweater at Old Navy, and then bought myself a bunch of stuff too. The sweater didn't end up fitting, so Kevin went to exchange it with a gift receipt. When he got to the cashier, she told him the sweater he was exchanging was $7. He phoned me at home and I got all huffy that they were trying to rip him off. I went to get the original receipt and discovered that yes, I had only spent $7 on his gift. I bought him stuff later to compensate, but I still had the shame.

Unrelated to Valentine's Day, we had an intense discussion about what toes that are agile like fingers would be called. Clearly they would be called "toengers". Not "tingers" as Kevin claims.


Kevin said...

Even tongers is better than toengers. Kids today can barely pronounce their own names correctly. Got to keep any new words simple.

Lynn Gayowski said...

But "toengers" would be pronounced tone-gers, not tawn-gers. "Tongers" doesn't capture that.

Kids only have trouble spelling their names correctly because parents name them LeMawnJelLo and P.Diddy. I'm not lowering the bar because of them!

Kevin said...

How about finoes?
I don't really like it buut I'm trying to compromise.

Kevin said...

or fingoes?

Lynn Gayowski said...

Another box of creme eggs might win me over.