Wednesday, March 5, 2008

5 Down, 1 To Go

As officially announced on a 2 hour, 18:58 minute conference call last night with the 6 Pack girls, Karene is engaged! Yes, to Kelly, you smart alecks. They were recently on a cruise and Kelly proposed on stage at one of the shows. Preparations are already underway, with the wedding date planned for August 2009. Video footage of the proposal is available - send email requests to Karene.

So all "when are you getting married" attention is solely on me now. The cheese stands alone, so to speak. Although I could still quickly elope and be #4 ahead of Jenn and Karene.

I have already volunteered to make an unscheduled, drunken speech at Karene's wedding reception. Highlights will include my theories on how the couple met (prison pen pal program, he got her name off an AIDS walk list, etc.), various threats to Kelly that he should treat Karene right followed by the evil eye, and a short tap routine.

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