Sunday, March 9, 2008

Baking & Booze, Brunch of Champions

I went with Jen to get some pastries and brunch at Niche today. On the walk there Jen got stopped by a lady from NOW magazine for their street style column. She had a brief photo shoot and interview. She was ticked because she had debated about footwear before we left and ended up wearing practical boots. She made the lady promise she would crop her boots out from the photo. (Mar. 31, 2008: and she totally didn't!)

On a style note, Jen is originally from Manitoba and doesn’t own a pair of mitts! This is what Toronto does to you.

At Niche, I ended up eating a scone and 1 1/2 cookies… but with salad, so it was totally balanced. On the way back, we stopped for a bottle of wine. The man asked if we were shopping for red or white. Helllooo? White! Only lushes drink red in the morning. Classy ladies like us picked a gerwurztraminer. We had a quick glass at Jen’s apartment and then headed to the bus station.

Jen had a cold while I was visiting and I started showing symptoms about an hour in to the bus ride. But I made it home without throwing up!

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