Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jenn and Moe Visit Ottawa

There were 2 exciting events yesterday. First, I had my audition to get a family doctor. Basically a pre-appointment to see if I could qualify for an actual appointment. Success! Those years of tap and jazz really paid off. Let the illnesses begin!

Second, and much more exciting, Jenn and Maureen were in Ottawa for a meeting so I had an evening out with them. What's the first place you take visitors from Winnipeg? IKEA, of course! Jenn brought a spare suitcase so she could load up, but she didn't really buy that much. Then we went to the liquor store to get some bottled Bellini's, but apparently the LCBO doesn't carry them any more.

The big news for those of you who haven't already heard - Maureen is engaged!

Jenn and Moe had lots of wedding talk over dinner at Zuni Grill, a restaurant near my house. For dessert, we shared some cheesecake and sat around talking for so long the waitress had to give us the polite "the restaurant is closing in 15 minutes" warning. We headed back to the Southway Inn, glamorously located in the middle of nowhere, a 5-minute drive from the airport, and talked in Jenn's room till about midnight.

I can stay up late and abuse my body with cheesecake now because I have a family doctor! Whee!

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