Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Calgary Jen" Visits

My friend Jen, now “Calgary Jen” once more, came to visit for the weekend. With a WestJet staff ticket, it’s actually cheaper and faster for her to fly from Calgary than it was for her to visit by bus from Toronto.

The weather was great today so we went to the Market for shopping. We bought some stuff and had lunch at the Empire Grill on the patio. I had an excellent champagne cocktail.

Afterwards at the infamous Trustfund, Jen almost bought an expensive dress. We decided to leave the store and eat a cookie so she could make a clear decision and she ended up talking herself out of it. Even before we managed to find some cookies. We didn’t have time to go to the mall because it was closing for the day, so we had drinks at Second Cup (thanks for the gift card Felipe and Hanita!) and went home.

In the evening Jen took me for a belated birthday dinner at MHK Sushi. Then we picked up a pie from the grocery store and rented The Darjeeling Limited. There’s nothing more classic than pie and a movie. I fell asleep so I’m not sure if the movie was good.

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Ginger said...

I fell asleep too! And I really wanted to see that movie. I have turned into my dad who rents movies to sleep.