Sunday, April 6, 2008


Kevin and I decided to have a shopping spree day. We gathered up the bundle of gift cards that have been collecting and went downtown to see what fun stuff we could buy. We spent some time at Rideau Centre but didn't even make it to $100. I guess we suck at sprees.

Kevin even tried on about 30 hats at the Bay and didn't buy anything. He claims if I laugh when I say a hat looks good, I can't be trusted. But plaid old-man hats both rock and are humorous. They're not mutually exclusive characteristics.

I did get some spree mojo back after the mall. I couldn't resist the lure of Trustfund again and bought a very fancy tanktop. The owners not only recognized us this time, but also remembered what we bought the last time we were there and that we had just had our birthdays.

With shopping done, we tried a Mexican restaurant called Ahora. It was very authentic, the margaritas were excellent and the food is cheap. A good way to end a spree.


Jen D said...

Mark your calendar for weekend of April 26th - another spree is in order! But with ME -- who will fly from the booming Alberta economy to do my part to keep the Ottawa economy respectable ;)

Anonymous said...

Look Lynn! I followed your advice and am now able to leave comments. I really miss you being a blonde. (genie)

Anonymous said...

p.s. my friend found a real estate agent through work and is looking south and east. so, no ogling. (is that how you spell that?) (genie)