Monday, May 26, 2008

Excellent Weekend Kickoff, Bad Follow Through

Friday after work, I I had a cocktail party at my house with the 4 other women from my office. The house specialties were sangria, cosmos and raspberry mojitos, and my co-workers brought recipes for a cougar (basically a cosmo with cointreau instead of triple sec) and a caramel kiss (Bailey's, butter ripple, vodka, milk and caramel sundae topping). Tasty!

Saturday we tried to go to the Great Glebe Garage Sale. The Glebe is a really nice neighbourhood in Ottawa, and for the last 20 years, they've held a coordinated sale one day each summer. We (i.e. I) didn't get moving until about 11:00, so it was nuts! We drove up and down the streets for about 20 minutes then gave up and went home when we still didn't find parking. Garage sale shopping from the car definitely isn't that interesting.

Sunday we cleaned out the garage because it was full of cement dust from getting our driveway redone. Par-tay! Then Kevin's aunt and uncle from Toronto stopped by for a late lunch. We pretty much napped for the rest of the evening.

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