Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rare and Unusual Sunday

Kevin and I went to the Experimental Farm's rare and unusual plant sale bright and early today. It's usually a bonus if I'm ready to leave the house on the weekend by noon, but I pulled it together for 9am today. How rare and unusual!

A lot of the plants ended up being things that are pretty ordinary, but some of the stands had some really different varieties. The prices were generally decent too. We really wanted to get some evergreen shrubs to fill in our front flower bed and some trilliums - Ontario's provincial flower. We snagged the last 2 trilliums at the show and bought a bunch of other random flowers and shrubs.

We went to Loblaws and Home Depot as well, to pick up a few more filler items. What did we find? A whole table of "rare and unusual" trilliums at Loblaws! At least we were able to buy a few more. Kind of killed the cach
é though.

We spent the rest of the day planting our herb and vegetable garden at the side of the house and all of our flowers and shrubs in the front. I managed to break the top off of all the tulips when I moved them, because I'm delicate that way.

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