Monday, May 19, 2008

Smell You Later NYC!

It was our last day in New York. We took Gerry out for breakfast at Utopia. I'll point out that it was his pick because when I searched for a link to the restaurant's site I came across an inspection report from 2 months ago that showed Utopia had 5 violations including not vermin-proof, roaches, mice, food worker prepares food or handles utensil when ill with a disease transmissible by food or has exposed infected cut or burn on their hand, and cold food held above 41°F. And since this resulted in only 25 violation points, no follow-up inspection was required. Oh, New York. I'm sure the honour system works though and they still took care of all the violations. Thank bejebus for that final Hep A shot (see April 7).

Kevin and I headed over to the United Nations for a tour. The security tent alone was worth the trip - tourists getting yelled at for taking pictures and not moving to the appropriate metal detector - welcome to America! The wait for a guided tour ended up being at least 2 hours so we looked around the public part of the building a bit and left.

We spent the rest of the day touring the fancy American department stores: Bloomingdale's (very expensive), Barneys (outrageously expensive) and Macy's (expensive). Although we couldn't afford anything, I did get to touch some Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik shoes at Barneys. I guess I'll have to hold out until they start collections at Payless.

After several weather delays and annoying teenage girls in the airport wait area, we made it back to Ottawa. Air Canada gives you free booze if the flight is late. Just what you need - angry patrons full of vodka. I took a mini bottle of rum with me out of spite.

At home, the pet sitter had left a note that Spuckler somehow jumped out of her cage and the fence around the cage while she was getting their vegetables and attacked Savvy. He seems to have fully recovered but had these loose hunks of fur hanging off his butt. Poor guy. I'll have to knit him a butt toupee.


Anonymous said...

Glad that you made it home safe and sound.

Ginger said...

Can I touch your hands - since they have now touched expensive items I can only hope to look at?

Further to that, are you allowed to take food and drink in these shops. I would like to enter Bloomingdales with a stick of butter for fun.