Friday, May 30, 2008

Yoga Nightmares

I have frequent nightmares - generally about being murdered (and always by stabbing for some reason), but there are some animal attacks, late for an exam, falling in an elevator, fired from my job, having children episodes thrown in for good measure. I occasionally start screaming in my sleep as a result, and Kevin has to wake me up.

I did this the other night and Kevin thought the dream was about spiders, but I think it was a premonition of the hot yoga class we tried last night. Okay, it actually wasn't that bad except for the crow pose into headstand. Squat with your hands on the floor, balance your knees forward on your elbows, take your feet off the ground, then stand on your head. What the?

Maybe if I spend hundreds of dollars on lululemon clothing, my yoga-ing will improve.


Kevin said...

I don't "think" it was about spiders. You said spiders were attacking you when I woke you up (to end the screaming).

Lynn Gayowski said...

Are you sure I wasn't talking about the spider pose? We may cover that next week.