Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Visits are Stumpthing Special

Kevin and Mike went to a Blue Jays game today so I had a visit with my parents. Actually, my dad polished my car for 4 hours while I visited with my mom. Just like old times.

After the boys got back and we had dinner, we watched Spain win the final of the European Cup. When the semi-finals started, Kevin and I decided we'd take our vacation in whatever country won, so I guess we're going to Spain! I'd like to get there at the end of August for La Tomatina (tomato fight festival) outside Valencia, but we'll see how the planning goes.

It wouldn't be a Gayowski family gathering without getting some yard work done, so at about 8:30 pm we drifted out to the yard and watched my dad and brother take turns hacking at a tree stump with an axe. Gah, you say? The background: my parents cut down a dead tree in my brother's yard the previous day and wanted to hack out enough of the stump so they could cover it over with dirt. Why this project was started at 8:30 pm though, is not clear to me. The important thing is we took a family portrait with the axe.

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