Thursday, July 10, 2008

Team Bonding

I awoke to a lovely day in Perth. Unfortunately it was an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off, to the sound of machinery noises. Some genius decided to schedule a pile of dirt in the parking lot to be moved at exactly 7:00 am. Clearly an important task. This tiny bobcat took an hour and a half to do the job so there was beeping every 2 minutes each time he reversed. It angried my blood up.

I was a last minute replacement for a golf game with my co-workers at Links O'Tay, the oldest operating golf course in Canada. I called Kevin the night before and he offered to meet me halfway with my clubs, but I said I’d have to wait and see how drunk I was after dinner. He said, “Yeah, me too.” Needless to say, I had to rent golf clubs. I was also afraid of getting booted out for wearing a sleeveless top with *gasp* no collar, but no one yelled at me. For my sake, we played best ball and I declared a rule of do-overs whenever I felt like it. By the end of the game, everyone had resorted to using unlimited mulligans. I like to take credit for the moral decline.

After a quick lunch, everyone met up at our boss’s cabin for swimming and dinner. Our golf ran a bit late so I missed the water skiing. Just close your eyes and imagine photos of me doing awesome tricks. With perfect abs. I water skied once when I was 12, so this obviously would have equated to me being even better 20 years later. Most people spent their swimming time jumping off the roof of the boat dock. I opted out because I was a) scared, and b) told that I should check my bathing suit top after jumping as bikinis tended to shift upon lake entry. Sounded like advice based on real-life experience. I already managed to escape ridicule by successfully following Google maps yesterday and I didn’t want to steal attention from Barb’s Renfrew mishap by flashing my co-workers. I stuck to basic dog paddling.

After dinner and a campfire we went back to the hotel. I overheard more partying in the suite next door so I knocked and joined in. All the ladies were having post-dinner drinks and we ended up hanging out until 2:00 am.

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