Sunday, August 10, 2008

National Gallery

Jenn and I went to the National Gallery today. There's a special exhibit on called The 1930's: The Making of the New Man, which shows the themes that were common in art leading up to and during World War II. Artists in the exhibit included Salvador DalĂ­, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock. I really liked seeing the Kandinsky's. Many things in the exhibit were both awesome and disturbing at the same time.

So question to the parents in the audience - if you had a one-year-old, would bringing them to the art gallery for an afternoon seem like an appropriate activity? This guy was carrying his crying kid around for a good hour while we were in the exhibit and it was really annoying. Made me think of this quote from Family Guy:

Priest: Good morning everyone. A reading, from the letter of John, to the couple with the crying baby upstairs: "Obviously you hear your kid crying and you are trying to break him of some habit. But I got news for you, It's not working. I swear to God that if it doesn't stop, I will come up there and show him what real pain is." The word of the Lord.
Congregation: Praise be to God.

There's no way to see the entire gallery in 1 day, so the other sections we decided to visit were contemporary art, Inuit art and photography.

There isn't much of a choice around the airport, so we managed to get in a quick (and bad) dinner at Eastside Mario's before Jenn got on her flight back to Calgary.


Ginger said...

You forgot to mention the guy that was talking to himself in that red shirt. He was also a gem.

Next time we are going to do something touristy on the canal and eat dinner at Boston Pizza.

Hope to see you again soon! If not in Ottawa, VEGAS

Scarlett said...
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