Monday, June 30, 2008

Canada Day Eve

Today, we went with Kevin's parents and his granny to Allan Gardens. The conservatory is made up of six greenhouses full of plants, and there are some untamed flower beds outside. Kevin and his dad both got fancy digital SLR cameras a few months ago, so it was a good opportunity for a shoot-off. Lots of flower close-ups. My favourite was the cacti room. There's nothing better than a plant you don't ever have to water and that produces tequila.

For dinner, we met up with Kevin's friend Tim at the Black Dog Pub. They claim to be the greenest restaurant in the GTA. The food is really good although the desserts taste a bit "organic" (i.e. not enough sugar). Tim had just finished his first day at a new job, so it was a good time for sharing drinks.


Ginger said...

So I was curious about this Organic Restaurant that you posted so I looked and then a video of a lady started playing. I think that even though the restaurant might be green - I question the amount of hairspray this lady must use in her that environmentally friendly?

PS. I am a bitch

Lynn Gayowski said...

I was, of course, going to make fun of her too, but then I questioned if it was bad enough to mock. I may be losing touch with what's cool in my old age. Thanks for confirming my original assessment and putting me back on track. To the salon!