Monday, June 9, 2008

Chore Weekend

Kevin and I got an amazing amount of chores done this past weekend. The weather was in the 30's but for some crazy reason we decided not to turn on the air-conditioning. Priming and painting the upstairs bathroom was like a bonus hot yoga session for the week. If bunnies could talk, I believe their stares of disapproval would say, "Turn on the a/c, you cheap bastards!". With Dutch accents. And more cussing.

Quick side note for other crazy bunny folk out there (Anyone? Hello? I'm so alone.)... enjoy Disapproving Rabbits. (Ha! See, I'm looking pretty sane compared to that blog, aren't I? RIGHT?)

Other fun-filled activities included steam cleaning carpets and furniture, washing and vacuuming the cars, cutting the grass and weeding. Steam cleaning was awesome. There's nothing like turning a tub of water black with the couch you lounge on every day. In my defense, I've owned it for 8 years - that's a lot of H
รคagen-Dazs for one piece of furniture to endure.

My parents are visiting in 1 more week, so I should have more exciting stories then.

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