Friday, June 27, 2008

Eclipse Parties Around the World

The software parties continue! I helped set up a series of democamps around the world to celebrate our new release. Democamps are essentially parties, but with presentations of cool software stuff thrown in. We ended up with 24 parties in 12 countries. The most popular ones were the Googleplex in California, Karlsruhe (near Stuttgart) in Germany and both Krakow and Poznan in Poland.

Ottawa's democamp took place yesterday at a bar called the Clock Tower Brew Pub. I had a mini freakout when they told me that morning that they had our reservation on the wrong day and we weren't booked in. Luckily, they had room for us and disaster was averted. I'm going to add that to my resum
é - "disaster aversion specialist". It will flow nicely after "parade pageant queen".

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