Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We decided to go to the Museum of Civilization today. I especially wanted to see a special exhibit they have right now on Glenn Gould. Glenn Gould was a genius Canadian pianist, famous for playing Bach's Goldberg Variations. He performed for quite a few years and then did a lot of radio work with the CBC. He ended up kind of crazy, afraid of germs.

it! They had both of his pianos on display (unfortunately behind impenetrable velvet ropes), the super low folding chair he sat on to play, marked scores and a bunch of other cool memorabilia. They even had the 7 silver medals from his Royal Conservatory exams. I only have 2. But I can wear gloves and fear germs with the best of them, so there Glenn!

There was another exhibit on Jamestown, Quebec and Santa Fe: Three North American Beginnings. That room was pretty dead so they pounced on us and forced Kevin and me to dress up in period clothing. Cool that the clothing was 400 years old, but not fun to wear wool and fur for 7 minutes trying to coordinate a photo. My mom refuses to use a digital camera in case she accidentally deletes pictures and my dad's batteries were dead. We got a few shots on Kevin's camera in the end.

After the exhibits, we toured the main part of the museum for a few hours. I managed to find some bunnies.

For Father's Day dinner, we took my dad to an Italian restaurant called Capone's. I judge Italian restaurants on how well they do spaghetti with clams and Kevin judges on the lasagna. We weren't that impressed. Italian Week was on so it was too busy to try some of the places in Ottawa's Little Italy. Lesson learned - stick to Preston Street.

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