Friday, June 13, 2008

Junk Food Smorgasbord

My parents arrived in Ottawa this afternoon after a 3-day drive. Since I like weird junk food, they picked up some interesting items when they passed through the States. Most notably, Barbie Pop-Tarts, chocolate mix Skittles and Criss-Cross Apple Jacks. That's 2 full meals right there.

So, cereal tangent. Does anyone remember Strawberry Shortcake or Winnie the Pooh cereal? They were awesome. I think my greatest cereal-eating achievements so far have been a box of Magic Stars that Quel brought back for me from Malaysia and a set of Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry that I bought off eBay so I could them together - the monster marshmallow trifecta. Sadly, I never had the chance to try Frute Brute or Yummy Mummy. A regret I'll take to the grave.

My parents also brought some D.D. Leobard's strawberry wine from Manitoba, which I haven't yet found in Ontario. We gave my parents the grand tour of the latest house and landscaping improvements, then went to Ahora for dinner and a pitcher of margaritas. Arriba!


Ginger said...

Barbie Pop Tarts! If I eat them, do I look like Barbie. He is hoping ;)

Lynn Gayowski said...

Helllloooo? As if we need any help looking like Barbie. Slap on some sequins and blue eye shadow and you're set. Refer to our photo.