Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bluesfest is Eclectictastic

Kevin’s work gave us free tickets to Ottawa Bluesfest. Bluesfest started as an event for blues music, but is now more a festival for music from all genres. Our night out included Snoop Dogg, the Loved Ones and the Weakerthans. Eclectictastic!

When we arrived, we witnessed Snoop Dogg on stage smoking illegal substances openly in front of the crowd. Or I should say, smok'n illegal substances openly in F-R-to-tha-izzont of tha crowd. How did we get by before’s “tranzilations”? also has a translation feature that will “shizzolate” tweets on Twitter. I’m registered on Twitter, have never used it, but still have 7 people following me. My goal is to see how many followers I can procure without ever actually typing anything in.

The Loved Ones – meh. They were a punk band we’ve never heard of.

Kevin owns Weakerthans cd’s and t-shirts - i.e. is an official fan - so he probably enjoyed them more than I did. They’re from Winnipeg, so of course, we are connected within 6 degrees. Actually 2. Our friend Rob is housesitting for the lead singer John right now. John announced that he’s looking to put a new curling team together this year, so put the word out. (Sorry Rob, guess this means you’re cut.) The Weakerthans encored with One Great City, subtitled “I Hate Winnipeg”. The song is excellent, yet angers me at the same time. They’re from Winnipeg, so they do have license to mock, yet how can I condone the statement that the Guess Who suck? We have so few celebrities to cling to! Who else is going to sing at every Grey Cup/Junos show/Pam Am Games ceremony/Salisbury House opening? Don’t anger the Guess Who!

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Ginger said...

how embarrassing. i follow you on twitter. quite frankly, i don't get the appeal though. i will follow you the old fashion way. on the phone, facebook, and lynngo