Monday, July 21, 2008

Last Day in Winnipeg? Not So Fast...

Today started off with an early lunch with Mark, my former co-worker from ENSIS. He was out of town for our reunion last Thursday, but managed to fit me in on my last day in Winnipeg. We ate at the Pony Corral Pier 7 patio. Mark is now a V.P. at Librestream, a company that offers a mobile video collaboration product. I remember back when ENSIS first invested in Librestream, the product was so top-secret we couldn't even talk about what they did. Oh, venture capital. Speaking of which, some of you ENSIS folk will enjoy My favourite t-shirt there says "Your Mom Is Not A Valid Test Market". You can also buy the company, but every time someone new visits the site the price goes up a dollar, so act fast. Anyway, Mark and I had a really good visit and the patio weather was great, so I'm glad we made time to get together.

After lunch, I was off to visit our family friend Janet and her 3 kids, Ariel, Cameron and Ethan. Her husband John is fighting in Afghanistan right now, but he should hopefully be back by September. I couldn't believe how big the kids are now! We didn't have a lot of time together but I got a tour of the house and an update on all the kids. Ariel showed me her collector Barbies (need I say awesome) and her favourite video game where you cook virtual food. Girl stuff is the best! Janet's always been good at sports, so it's no surprise that Ariel is amazing at ringette, Cameron loves hockey, and Ethan is already starting to skate. I don't know how Janet does it all on her own. Especially with 2 rottweilers added to the mix!

Back at my parents house, I was finally able to have one dinner at home with them before my flight back. However after dinner when I decided to double check my departure info one last time, I discovered my plane was taking off right then. My original flight was canceled and I had been looking at the wrong set of papers! And I had, of course, booked the last flight of the day. Well, one more night in Winnipeg won't hurt. Departure at 7 am. I hope. I think that's the first time I've completely missed a flight due to my incompetence. I showed up a day early to the airport once, but that doesn't count because I didn't actually miss the flight in that situation. I was all the wiser the next day.

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