Saturday, July 12, 2008


Kevin and I went to Saunders Farm today to check out their hedge mazes. I wasn’t expecting much – something on the level of Tinkertown as compared to DisneyWorld – but it turned out to be pretty cool. They had 10 mazes, a water park area and a playground for kids. In the fall they also have a haunted house and a corn maze. Since I'm a nerd, I should clarify that the farm has a mix of labyrinths and mazes. A labyrinth has only a single path and a maze has multiple branching paths. Labyrinth is also a stellar film directed by Jim Henson and starring David Bowie. I just searched the word "trifecta" to see if I could find a synonym for 2 components - bifecta? I declare the movie a bifecta of awesomeness.

We were at the farm for a few hours, although a good 45 minutes was spent waiting for a wagon ride. The first time an employee told us to wait at the wrong spot and we missed it, so we had to wait again. I tried throwing a tantrum, kicking and screaming on the gravel path, but stuff like that happens every 10 minutes there, so the employees didn't care. Plus I had already had an ice cream cone, so there wasn't much else I could bargain for.

Two of my favourite mazes were the Mile Maze because it was the hardest, and the Musical Maze because who doesn't like to make a bunch of noise ringing bells? Hopefully we'll visit again in the fall for the Halloween corn maze, because it looked huge. (It was only knee-high on our visit.) Plus it will give me a chance to dust off the Britney Spears costume.

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