Sunday, August 24, 2008

Drinks and Babies (separate events)

Kevin and I went to the Cornerstone Bar and Grill in the Market with his curling team and their girlfriends for drinks on the weekend. Very nice patio weather! They stuck us on the back patio, further away from the street, supposedly because that's the only place they could fit a table of 6. But we all suspected it was because we weren't deemed pretty enough to be displayed in a prime location. Fellow curler Ian is going to watch our bunnies while we're traveling, so we also gave him a last chance to get out of it, while his fingers are all still in tact.

After drinks we stopped in to visit Felipe and Hanita to: a) get a tour of their new house, b) say Happy Birthday to Hanita, c) visit their new baby Sophia, and d) fix Felipe's bike. A lot of celebrations - especially the broken bike! My favourite picture of Sophia is shown here.

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