Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jenn and Hen Official at Last

Today was the big day. After 12 years together, Jenn and Henry finally got married! Jenn looked completely beautiful. She cried during the walk down the aisle but pulled it together for the rest of the ceremony. For the sake of her makeup, she said. The weather was perfect, although the un-air-conditioned church got pretty hot towards the end of the ceremony.

The reception was in the grand ballroom at the Royal Crown. There were about 400 people, which for Jenn and Hen, is limiting to only close family and friends. Hard to imagine since I only have 7 first cousins. Everything was done up in silver and fuchsia - I don't know how she convinced Henry to have so much pink, but I guess waiting 12 years wins you a few concessions. There were also an unprecedented 4 toasts to the bride, by the 2 matrons of honour and her 2 siblings.

For once, I caught the bouquet! Mainly because Jenn's sister Joanne told all the girls to pile on top of Jenn once she threw it, which left it lying on the ground. Prime pickings. I didn't even have to use my pointy elbows on anyone this time.

4 down, 2 to go.


Ginger said...

Caught the bouquet....hmm...

Jenn said...

The bouquet was totally meant for you to catch! Thanks for flying home for the wedding it meant a lot to me to have you there.
Miss you lots - Jenn