Monday, August 4, 2008

Lucky 13

Kevin's parents and granny stayed with us on the long weekend. They arrived on Saturday and we ended up putting on a family dinner for 13 - a new record for the Gay/Barn. We made it work with the dining table, a folding banquet table, plus 3 of us having a "picnic" with the 2 kids in the living room. It might be time to review that new IKEA catalogue for expandable dining tables.

For dessert, we got an awesome raspberry mousse cake from Swiss Pastries for a 3-way birthday celebration. Kevin also said he bought pink marzipan bunnies for "the girls". I excitedly asked if I was considered a girl, along with his nieces Stacey (3 years) and Diana (1 year). Yep, he bought 3 of them. Being a girl rocks.

We spent most of Sunday visiting and playing board games. Namely, Bananagrams and Blokus, our newest game. We declared the last game of Bananagrams would be for the "Champion of the World" title and Kevin's granny won. She cheats.

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