Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sex and the City - Finally!

I've been dying to go see the Sex and the City movie, but all my scheming to make a friend in Ottawa and go see it with them hasn't worked out so far. I think they hear the desperation in my voice and slowly back away. Then they turn and run as fast as they can, far, far into the distance. "Come back! I haven't told you all my bunny stories yet!" Enter Calgary Jenn. She actually flew to Ottawa to go see the movie with me! Those WestJet employee flight benefits sure come in handy.

We of course started off the day with shopping in the Market. We hit all the standards including Workshop Studio (bunny necklace - but it's tasteful, I swear) and Trustfund (new jeans and a bicycle belt for Kevin). We also went to M.A.C. and I got a free lip gloss for recycling my empty containers.

After dinner with Kevin at MHK Sushi, Jenn and I headed to the cheap theatres to see Sex and the City. Ten weeks of waiting and it was everything I dreamed it would be. So shiny and expensive. I still hate Big. We ended the evening appropriately with cosmos.


Ginger said...

I was going to type about how we had to walk the entire length of some suburban mall but didn't have the energy to type that all HAHA!

Was so lovely to see you.

Anonymous said...

what specifically is a bicycle belt?


Lynn Gayowski said...

Just a regular belt with a bicycle design on the buckle. Were you imagining some horrendous variation on the fanny pack? Give me some credit!