Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When Back in Rome

The up side of getting barged in on yesterday is the hotel gave us free breakfast. Sadly, no lemoncello was available.

We ran into our Irish friends at the train station but they were headed north. Once on the train, we sat with a family from Australia. I think they were desperate to talk to people that spoke English. Their daughter was named Zara and she was wearing a shirt from the Zara store that had the name across the front. We thought it was just a coincidence and that’s why they bought it, but they actually named her after the store. The mother said the last time they were in Italy they went to this really cool clothing store in Milan and they liked the name, so that's how they picked it for their daughter. I didn't have the heart to tell her it's a lower-end chain that has stores everywhere including Calgary, New York, Toronto and 3 that we saw in Rome. Still better than Amanda Hugginkiss, I suppose.

Back at Costaguti Palace in Rome, we really started to miss home. The hotel woman showed up over an hour late this time with no apology or explanation. We needed to eat so we didn't stick around long. When we came back later in the evening we found out that the toilet was now leaking and there was no hot water. We went to bed angry.

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