Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It was Grand... times 10!

After a shorter day in the exhibit hall, I had a quick break at my hotel. Another awesome feature of Kimpton hotels is a lot of them host a free beer and wine hour at 5:00 in the lobby. I had a nice chat with the wine lady Kat and other random people in the lobby while enjoying a glass of chardonnay.

Then it was off to our party at a restaurant called the ThirstyBear. The restaurant brews some of its own beers and has a really neat location in a historic brick building in downtown San Francisco. We had the 2nd floor of the restaurant closed off and it was packed! We had just over 300 people and maxed out the tab in a record 2 hou
rs and 15 minutes.

There's nothing like handing over your credit card to pay for a $10,000 party.

Our buddy Mik Kersten from Vancouver (middle) took a picture at the end of the party with me and my boss Ian (right).

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