Monday, May 5, 2008

Conference Eve in San Francisco

I had time today to finish setting up our company's booth for the conference tomorrow and to catch up on emails. My last sign did arrive! This may be the first time in the last year that a hotel hasn't lost any of my shipments. Kudos to the Palomar Hotel. So far my experiences with Kimpton hotels have rocked - highly recommended! They also have funky animal print robes which make you look like a pimp. My camera batteries are dead, so I couldn't take a picture. Photos of me in a bathrobe should probably stay off the Internet anyways. Kimptons are also cool because you can request to have a fish bowl, complete with goldfish, in your room.

I was starving by 4:00 so I headed out to find a place to eat, and ended up running into my friend Tim, who works out of Mexico for one of our member companies. He joined me for dinner, but we had a hard time finding anything open. We ended up having cheese and drinks at
Café de la Presse first. I was too shy to force him to go shopping with me, so he grabbed the GPS from his car and we tried to find a geocache. Unfortunately, the GPS wasn't built for off-road directions and it wasn't accurate enough to get us close. We wandered around Yerba Buena Gardens a bit and gave up.

By then, restaurants were open for dinner so on my hotel's recommendation, we decided to try Lulu for some seafood. It was really nice. Somehow the couple seated at the next table got the impression that it was Tim's birthday, so that was a bit weird. We just played along.

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