Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hazardous Waste and Dinner

Ottawa has certain days where they set up hazardous waste depots where you can drop off used oil, old paint, nuclear waste, etc. The people we bought our house from had a bunch of paint cans rusted shut in the garage so we decided to take them in. It was quite the process!

The city had the street we were going to closed off and blocked by a police car, so we had to drive around the block to get into the designated parking lot. Every side street along the way was being guarded by people in white jumpsuits. Once we got around the block and got close, we were stopped by the first set of jumpsuits who told us to continue driving ahead. The second set of jumpsuits asked for our postal code and allowed us to turn into the parking lot. The third set of jumpsuits told us to again drive ahead and stop at the drop off. Once we parked and popped the trunk, there were at least 5 people in jumpsuits to take our few paint cans out of the trunk. Other than us, the entire drop off was empty. I think they managed to employ about 50 people that day.

Hazardous-waste free, we headed off to some garden centres to get herbs for our garden. The coolest find of the day was a pineapple mint plant at Loblaws. Let the mojito season begin!

For dinner, we met up with Kevin’s friend Matt and his wife Cindy. We went to Shogun, which is kind of like Ichiban or Benihana. The best part is when they light a stack of onion on fire like a volcano. Mmm, flaming onion volcano.

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