Sunday, May 4, 2008

Off to San Francisco

I was off to San Francisco today for a software conference. Of course, my tv for the 5 ½ hour flight was broken and I get motion sickness when I read, so my two options were to sleep and to stare straight ahead listening to my iPod. I alternated between the two and was pretty bored after 4 hours.

I decided to pick up all my deliveries and get them over to the conference centre so the next day I could just do set up. It was quite the work out carrying everything over. The doorman offered to help once I had 1 last box to bring over. So far, only 1 sign is missing.

Due to getting up at 5 am and the 3 hour time change, I was starving by 4:00, so I headed out for dinner. The concierge recommended a restaurant called Annabelles, just down the street. I had the best mojito ever! They used raspberry rum and the drink menu claimed they “burned” (in quotations) the mint instead of muddling it, although the waiter had no clue what that meant. They’re probably just guarding the secret recipe. Duck salad and vanilla crème brulee, and I was done. I was pretty much asleep by 8:00.

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