Friday, May 2, 2008

Party - with Maracas!

Our neighbour Erwin invited us to his 30th birthday party today. Some new neighbours, Andrew and Amy, moved in across the street from us around Christmas and they were there too. Erwin is originally from Columbia, so as the party progressed it turned into quite the Latin fiesta. I’ve never known anybody with so many sets of maracas. They got people to dance around with them in their back pockets. I’d give Amy the prize for best maraca-booty shaking. Kevin and I were shy. What can I say – we’re reserved Canadians.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Lynn. You should have pulled out the matching dance leotard you have from your tap days and shaken your stuff with the maracas.

Shy my ass.


Lynn Gayowski said...

Duh - I only have tambourine experience.

Plus I think my costume collection is whittled down to a Little Bo-Peep-esque dress, sailer costume, a birthday cake outfit, and miscellaneous sequin and fringe accessories. Once I hit 30, I knew it was time to get rid of the leotards. Blue spandex, sequined bell bottoms with matching vest and sailor cap are still totally acceptable however.