Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tulip Festival Weekend - Minus Tulips

Our friends Tim and Gina from Toronto are visiting for the weekend during Ottawa's Tulip Festival. Per usual, we headed to the Byward Market. We did a tour of some of the shops and had lunch on the Cornerstones patio - very similar to Earl's. They had raspberry mojitos, so how could Gina and I resist?

A trip to the Market wouldn't be complete without indulgent over-spending at Trustfund. Gina needed a new pair of jeans and couldn't decide on a style, so she bought 2. That seems to happen a lot at their store. By coincidence, Gina is going to New York for training next week so Kevin and I are going to meet her there and bring the jeans once they're hemmed. Very jet set.

After all the spending we decided to have dinner in. We bought trout, vegetables, potatoes and fiddleheads. None of us had tried fiddleheads before but they're big in Ontario this time of year. It's really a wild baby fern, rolled up in a ball. Turns out they taste like asparagus (but not quite as good).

We tried to watch a movie afterwards and picked Awake. Hated it. There were way too many graphic surgery scenes. And it sucked. The one redeeming feature is Jessica Alba - if you're a man. Gina and Tim both fell asleep.

We never really did tour any tulip gardens today, but yay Tulip Festival!

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