Friday, March 21, 2008

Not a Good Friday After All

So my plan to sleep for 2 hours before heading to the airport and sleeping the week off on the plane backfired somewhat. I was supposed to connect through Chicago, but they had a bad storm and all the flights through there got delayed or canceled. I managed to rebook on a flight through Toronto, but had to switch airports and wait another 6 hours.

I Facebook stalked people I met at the conference on my laptop for a while then zombied around the San Francisco airport shops, trying to stay awake. I figured if I closed my eyes for a minute I'd fall asleep, miss my flight and be stuck in the airport for another day.

There's nothing like eating 3 meals at the airport: bad eggs and potatoes for breakfast, airport sushi for lunch (need I specify it was bad?), then mediocre vegetable stir fry for dinner. Where's a reception with an open bar when you need one? Withdrawal!

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