Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last Day in California

Today was the last day of EclipseCon. Despite only 4 hours of sleep and incorrectly setting my alarm, I made it to the 7:00 am run. My group managed to run the whole way this time too, with no walking.

After the last session of the day, a few of us had a brief meeting to start planning our European conference in November - argh. T
hen it was off to another party. This one was at David's Restaurant, at a golf course around the corner from the conference center. It was supposed to be a night of drinking for Europeans, but there was a whole mix of Americans and Canadians as well. It was the last night, so I stayed to the very end of the party then ended up at the lobby bar until 2:30 am again.

I have an excellent picture of me with McLovin from Superbad from this night. I'm not ashamed to attain fame through association.

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