Thursday, October 30, 2008

Attention Idots!

Do you ever wonder what's wrong with the idiots in front of you at the airport that seem to have no clue how the whole flying thing works? Today, I was one of the idiots.

Digression: Using the word idiots always reminds me a letter we received from a customer when I was working at one of the call centres. He was really angry and started off the letter with huge block letters, "Attention Idots!" Yep, he misspelled idiots. Awesome.

So I partially blame waking up at 4:30 in the morning to get to the airport, but still. First, I did self-check in and left my passport on the scanner. I realized within about 5 minutes and went running back and of course, some nice Canadian in line had seen it and held it for me. Then as my bags are going through the x-ray at security they call for a bag check. I was thinking, "What the?", until realizing I packed a bottle of wine that the hotel gave me in my suitcase. They said I could go back and check my bag but I didn't want to risk losing any valuable documents again. Plus the wine was free and I had tried it at the hotel, so meh.

I'm surprised I didn't start discussing bombs or terrorism in a loud voice while boarding.

You'd think this would make me more sympathetic to other stupid travelers ahead of me in the future, but I predict no change. Idots.

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