Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween in Calgary

I had a 1 day turn around in Ottawa, then off to Calgary for the weekend! I abandoned Kevin so he had to give the Halloween candy out alone. Apparently we only got 16 kids so we have 32 boxes of Smarties to eat. Probably 30, when discounting my preemptive eating before Halloween.

Jen and Dani picked me up from the airport and it was already getting a bit late, so we decided to stay in. I brought a set of tiger ears and a sequined sailor hat in case there would be Halloween festivities, but no pictures were taken. Reluctance due probably to our last makeover/picture session debacle.

We had a simple dinner of popcorn, except with Himalayan sea salt. Jen’s friends accuse her of being fancy because she owns things like Himalayan salt, organic shampoo and a trunk of makeup. There’s nothing wrong with owning a trunk of makeup, people! I need at least 26 MAC eye shadows to choose from, to properly paint my mood on my face in the morning. Okay, I admit only 23 are MAC and the other 3 are drugstore brand. *Gasp!* Standard routine: toner, moisturizer, foundation, eyebrow shadow, 3 eyeshadows, 2 eyeliners, mascara, bronzer, 3 types of concealer, blush, powder and lipstick. Mascara base and sparkle topcoat are optional. All with the end goal of looking like you’re not wearing makeup at all. Darn you beauty industry! Why must your packaging be so shiny with promises of texturizing and highlighting?


Ginger said...

I have yet to count my MAC eyeshadows for fear of the count elevating my "fanciness"

Lynn Gayowski said...

We should have a "fancy-off". I think I could compete on makeup, but not on flours. Or salts.