Friday, April 4, 2008

Birthday Eve Party

Less than 24 hours until the big three-two and the partying has begun! First we had some beers in the office at the end of the day. Friends Nick and Ken from the nearby IBM office also paid a visit to help celebrate.

Then Kevin surprised me by inviting some friends over for cake. But not just any cake - a raspberry mousse from Swiss Pastries with a pink marzipan bunny on top. He even drove to 2 shops to make the magic happen.

Tricia, Bogdan and Felipe had some cocktails, and we made some fancy mocktails for Hanita, who's 5 months pregnant. Kevin makes fun of the fact that I stock 2 varieties of maraschino cherries, but clearly the passion fruit cherries are necessary. As if you can't totally taste the difference.

I also forced Tricia and Bog to look at my Cougardom Kickoff scrapbook so Tricia could get some ideas for her upcoming 30th. Kevin and I will be going in costumes even if there's no theme. Finally - a chance to get that tutu out of the basement closet. But what should I go as?

Yay birthday eve!

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