Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spuckler Strikes Again

Kevin and I are going to New York for the May long weekend, so I decided to hire a pet sitter for the bunnies. In the interviews, Kevin wanted me to ask what stuff they would steal while we were gone so we could get extra insurance on those items, but I was too shy.

I found one lady who seems nice, but she’s never looked after rabbits before. I warned her that Spuckler’s pretty dumb so if you hold out a treat she just chomps down without checking to see if there are any fingers in there. She said okay, she’d just put it in the palm of her hand. This morning I started to wonder if that was a good idea, so I tried it out. Spuckler smelled the treat, ran over, clamped down on the first finger she saw (which by bunny deduction would obviously be food) and started yanking as hard as she could. She let go when I started screaming. The cut was kind of bad but Kevin had already left for work so I had to stay conscious and band-aid it myself.

I guess I’ll have to send a follow-up email to the pet sitter. “Just throw the food over the baby gate and run. Wear oven mitts.”

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Anonymous said...

I haven't even finished reading this blog because I can't get past the part that you were conducting interviews for a bunny sitter.

I can't wait for your book to come out.