Sunday, April 27, 2008

Makeup & Tea - Yay Girl Day!

Jen and I went back downtown to the mall today. When Jen moved a few weeks ago from Toronto to Calgary, the movers lost and broke a bunch of her stuff. The worst part is they lost her makeup case of products and didn’t think it was a big deal. They couldn’t comprehend that it was worth hundreds of dollars. The one up side is we got to go on a spending spree at M.A.C. to replace everything (hopefully her insurance comes through). So many shiny bottles. After sampling and purchasing an assortment, Jen also got me a new eye shadow for a belated birthday present.

We wandered around the mall a bit and then went to the Tea Store. We had cranberry scones and shared a pot of excellent caramel tea on the patio. An older guy asked if we would watch his bike while he bought some tea. We appeared trustworthy, so his eyesight must have been pretty bad. Twenty minutes later we look in and he’s sitting there having lunch. He did agree to move outside and watch his own bike so we could leave for the airport.

We checked Jen in and made sure she had a seat on her flight, then left for a quick dinner. We ended up at Kelseys and shared nachos and a salad. We were the only ones sitting on the patio so I think the waitress forgot about us. We waited forever to pay the bill and eventually had to just scrape some cash together so we could leave without waiting again to run credit cards through. Unfortunately, together we had just enough to cover the bill and could only tip about 60 cents. Embarrassing, but somewhat justified. We peeled out quickly so the waitress wouldn’t run after the car shaking her fist and Jen made it to her flight on time.

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